Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm an artist. I sometimes write too. I work in monoprint and oil paint.

I was born in Zambia in 1969 and brought up in Scotland. I studied at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art between 1986 and 1991, then moved to London.

I now live in Florianopolis, in southern Brasil.

I have had illustration work published in The Daily Telegraph, The Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian, The Spectator and Carlos Magazine.

In 2002 I was won the Dedalo Art prize for "Such Indulgence"


The purpose of this blog is to showcase my work, with commentaries.

My entries will not be very systematic. I'll add things about my work as they come to me, or in response to comments or enquiries from readers.

I post photos of my work on Flickr, which now has a fairly comprehensive catalogue-

Stories and other pieces of writing can be found here-

There is an interview here-

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