Sunday, May 17, 2009

Homage to Corot

A very bright day, but not too warm. I'm working on a series of pastoral photos, which will go in a Flickr set as "Homage to Corot".

Corot is one of those 19th century painters whose work has fallen by the wayside. Wildly popular in his time, its difficult to imagine it being rediscovered by the 21st century gallery going public. In truth there are a fair number of dubious quality Corots, and the work lacks intellectual complexity. And the contemporary public probably wants something much more dramatic. However, I have often found his work beguiling.

The smell of mud and the distant sun made me think of the woods round Aberdeen, where I grew up, while I was out taking photos today.


  1. I feel Corot well known in France, like Barbizon school, as impressionists precursors. His grey-green landscapes of Île de France are well studied, especially for attribution (lots of false). His full color italian landscapes are appreciated. His portraits are maybe more difficult to watch now.

  2. Thanks Patte.

    There are a fair number of his pictures in the UK too. But I would suggest that the "tone of voice" of his pictures seems far too gentle and subtle for modern gallery visitors.