Monday, June 29, 2009

At the Shore - An Annie Story

I remember once we were sitting around waiting by the shore, waiting for something to happen. It`s a bit like that here. You can spend doing not much and it seems to be ok.

"Do you like to watch the boats coming into the harbour? "

"it always makes me feel so sad", she said.

I laughed. "You are so sentimental". It was one of those complements we proffer which is disguised as a criticism. Perhaps we fear loss of our status within the relationship if we allow out lover to believe we admire them, as if admitting this would lend them power over us.

"Oh don`t be silly," said Annie. "It isn`t sentimental in the least."

And as the yacht drew closer to the quay I could better make out the expressions of the mariners, and they were filled with incredible weariness. One might doubt that their voyaging had given them any pleasure whatsoever.

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