Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Painting in the digital age

Essentially my expressive tool is the Internet. I spent yesterday working on some new paintings, aware that it wasn't the painting itself that mattered so much as the digitalised image online.

There are really six steps-

1. painting
2. photographing the painting
3. editing the photo
4. sticking the photo online
5. adding a commentary
6. interacting with any commentators

Knowing how to photograph art is absolutely crucial. Steps 4, 5 and 6 are analogous to exhibiting a painting in an art show.


Paint itself is such an excellent expressive medium that its hard to find anything to replace it, though I have tried, because paint is messy and paintings take a lot of space. I don't sell enough work so the paintings pile up and after 20 years take up considerable space.

Painting over old canvases is one solution but there always comes a point where the painting you've got is so good ti shouldn't be painted over- it's too painful

I have been experimenting with wires and paper cutouts to make art that has an inbuilt impermanence, to avoid the pain of having to destroy something you love. But, as yet, they have proven unsatisfactory. The wire sculptures remain wore, the cutouts are too obviously paper- these media don't transport me in the way paint does.

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