Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photographing Florianopolis

Things I like to bring out when photographing in the city.

1. Silence
2. No cars
3. Bright colours.
4. Emptiness
5. Different levels, hills slopes etc.
6. Shop fronts (best if not chains or franchises as the design of these is too heavily mediated) and businesses.
7. People working, or minding their own business.
8. Sunshine and strong shadows to bring out architectural detailing.
9. Repetition of architectural themes, windows etc.
10. Penetration and entrance- being able to see into and through spaces.

I am not really trying to represent Florianopolis at all. I'm trying to produce my own, more satisfactory version. There's a residential area of the centre behind Pizza Hut that seems particularly good at for these qualities.

More images here-

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