Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Some thoughts about taking self-portrait photos.

1. The process makes me feel embarrassed. I am wary of the charge of narcissism that can be held against me when I'm taking the photos. I'm wary of the charge because it's true: I do like looking at my own reflection.

2. The best images are when I'm fairly relaxed. The best way to get more relaxed images is to use the multiple-shutter function.

3. I feel wary about breaking my facial anonymity on the Internet. Is it a good thing to show my face? Maybe it is bad, because the face of an author or artist can have such a strong influence on how their work is interpreted. I don't really want this site to be about me, but about my work. But perhaps the distinction is artificial in art, which at some point is based on individual subjectivity. And perhaps it will bring in new readers who find my current facelessness impersonal.

4. Looking through the Flicker self portrait group:
the photographers are too often trying too hard often.

5. It's been years since I did any self-portraits, maybe as many as 20 years.

6. What about a background? I seem to favour plain, maybe because it will be so hard to integrate a more complex background with my image. Also, I like stillness and quiet.

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