Saturday, August 15, 2009

Species of Spaces

Images from Florianopolis- the title of this entry comes from Georges Perec's book,which have used for my collection of photos of buildings in Florianopolis.

Here are two excepts from the Forward to "Species of Spaces and Other Pieces", which was published in France in 1974. I quote from John Sturrock's English translation (Penguin Books, 1997).

"We live in space, in these spaces, these owns, this countryside, these corridors, these parks. That seems obvious to us. Perhaps indeed it should be obvious. But it isn't obvious, not just a matter of course. It's real, obviously, and as a consequence most likely rational. We can touch. We can even allow ourselves to dream. There's nothing, for instance, to stop us from imagining things that are neither towns nor countryside (nor suburbs), or Metro corridors that are at the same time public parks. Nor anything to forbid us imagining a Metro in the heart of the countryside (campagne) (I've even now seen an advertisement to that effect, but it was - how shall I put it? - a publicity campaign (campagne))."

Another excerpt-

"...Spaces have multiplied, been broken up and have diversified. There are spaces today of every kind and every size, for every use and every function. To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself."

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