Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the Garden - An Annie Story

One of the places I went with Annie was a garden. It had walls and you could stroll about in it. I was impressed by the range of flowers and the strong mature trees.

There was a charming Yew hedge and even a little rose garden.

But as we strolled admiring the fine lawns and Annie became increasingly silent, pensive even and I had begun to wonder if there was anything amiss.

“Annie, why are you so silent,” I asked, “you are like a walking brick.”

“Well…”said Annie.

“Yes…”I said.

“Well,” continued Annie, “it is just that the garden is so very beautiful but we will have to leave.”

‘Yes,” I said. “That is surely unfortunate. We shall have to leave and return to our squalid flat in South London.”

“Mmm…” murmured Annie. sadly.

“Yes,” I said, in what I thought was an appropriately sympathtic fashion.

But as we walked down the path a large monster appeared, like a snake with eagle wings and talons.

My dear, we fled!

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