Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Two months ago I walked past here and there was a green wooden house and a "For Sale" sign.

Now there's a wasteland surrounded by blocks whose design suggests a minimum of imagination or design quality. The city hasn't sought fit to reserve land for parks or recreational spaces despite allowing such high density housing.


  1. Unfortunately it's totally true. Then I can only think: what the purpose of the government if even the most obvious isn't thought as a serious problem to be solved?

  2. Are there any local pressure groups which discuss these issues?

  3. There are people in universities and some groups, but they are not prepared enough. they're very few who really take it seriously. I think most people can understand this issue intelectually saying. But the problem, as so far I'm concerned, is not if we can understand the situation as a whole, but the commitment we are disposed to engage. How many individuals want to put their efforts in a imbroglio like this?

  4. I agree with you Luis.

    I think this lack of interest relates in part to the transience of the Trindade population, and the fact that so many are not originally from Trindade and therefore don't feel deeply connected to area.