Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New paintings, canvas

Two new paintings; their first stages.

I'm continuing to explore tonal painting, with references to Sickert, Hammershoi and Hopper (late Edwardian and Early modern art). I want to continue working on a simple style, very straighforward and uncontroversial, and to continue exploring the changing urban environment near here, and the changing relationships between old and new buildings and nature.


It's surprising how little aware many oil painters are of the importance of the painting surface, specifically that the sort of acryllic pre-primed canvases, cheaply available in the art shops are massively substandard, and will result in much less sucessful paintings.

This is because of the way these cheap canvases absorb paint, and how they make it hard to paint in glazes. I have resolved to chuck out all the cheaper type cnavases I have, to avoid the temptation to repaint on them, and only to use the better oil primed canvas available from the UK.