Friday, January 1, 2010

Annual Review: Flickr, Blogger, Twitter.

As promised back in August, here is a review of my activities on the Internet.


Flickr now contains almost a complete catalogue of images (monoprints, drawings and paintings) by me. There remain to be photographed pictures which are in the UK, and some others of questionable merit in folios here.

Flickr has proven to be the most valuable of Internet resources for making sustained contacts. In August I had abour 200 contacts: now I can boast 380, a considerable increase. A handful of these contacts post encouraging critical commentary, and I can sense the slow beginnings of Internet friendships there. This is in stark contrast to the superficiality of Twitter (see below).


There are now eight followers on Blogger plus, judging from the counters, two or three other regular visitors.

I believe that changing the tone of the Blogger entries, making them more based on direct personal experience would increase the number of followers. I don't feel any enthusiasm for this as I find the idea tasteless and intrusive. I shall continue the mix of entries as figure in the last 6 months- i.e. short stories and bits and pieces about art and techniques, and observations about Brazil and her culture. There are other blogs offering more obviously biographocal content if that is what readers are after.

There is something apparantly unsystematic about the course the entries follow. However, forcing a more deliberate structure on the blog would, I fear, rob it of spontanaity and I therefore request readers to show patience with the occasionally haphazard nature of entries.


I posted, using a variety of keywords, 381 "Tweets" (revoltingly twee language).

Any item posted on Twitter gets immediately between 10 and 15 "hits". the number of "followers" on Twitter increased to 42,an increase of 20.

However, this did not seem to result in a corresponding increase in Blogger or Flickr followers, and never in feedback, as if the Twitter effect is rapid and superficial- in contrast to postings on Flickr (which generate responses). But Twitter takes up little time, so it seems worth continuing with despite my reservations.


The following year is largely an open book- I shall finish the oil paintings that are underway, then start working with ink- I miss its starkness and decisiveness.

I will continue to show work on the three above sites as in the last half year, and report again in August.

If readers have suggestions / feedback, please let me know.

Happy New Year!


  1. Very complete review... good idea to compare the three social neeworks.
    Hope that this new year let you write and paint a lot on is new and big Book.

    Wish you all the best for 2010.
    Hapy New Year Tadeusz!

  2. Thanks Ana, And Happy New year to you too.