Thursday, January 28, 2010

The contents of a box 2; Ten paper clips

The contents of a box 2

The photo above contains, from top left, clockwise:

1. Liquorice box, top and base (Paris, 2002)
2. Safety pin (probably British, c. 2000)
3. Orange plastic covered paper clip (probably British, c. 2000)
4. Screw eye (probably British, c. 2000)
5. Saftey pin (probably British, c. 2000)
6. Safety pin (probably British, c. 2000)
7. Two Clip-frame clips (London, 2003)

Ten paper clips

The items "speak" more loudly when placed beside other similar items.


  1. Hello Tadeusz: didn't know you had a one of these (blog, not box...).

  2. Hello Emma

    How are you?

    Yes indeed, I post things here a few times a week.

    Do pop in again soon!

    TD x

  3. I am well, and contemplating a post about art and playing. Funny how these things come together.

    Nice blog, I really like it :) x