Friday, March 5, 2010

Birds and mask: "gesso" experimentation

I'm experimenting with a mixture of P.V.A. glue, water and Plaster of Paris, which is similar to traditional gesso.

The more water in the mix, the more liquid the paste and the longer it takes to dry. Using just glue and plater makes the mix thick and makes it dry extremely fast.

When this "gesso" dries it is slighly malleable, and can be sanded quite happily, leaving quite a smooth surface.

Strips of paper can be dipped in this "gesso" and used like bandages, to help sculpt the piece.

There is something strange about these pieces that is lost with painting.


  1. I agree about the painting. Somehow they become 'folk' art when painted. I like them both ways. Actually, the one I like best was the one with papier mache and wires sticking out, but that may just have been the lovely photograph.

  2. Emma,

    I'm going to try to leave the next bunch of things at a more indeterminate state, so they are more evocative and less emphatically "stated"...

    Have a good soup.