Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Covering the wire: notes



-The skin of the mask is not smooth enough. Plaster of paris does not work as a filler because it is too brittle, and papier mache cannot be sanded. I think the best thing is to continue to add layers of very thin paper so the ridges formed by their edges isn't too great

-There must be a product that is like a sort of thick cream which can be used in these circumstances, to provide a smooth surface to craft items, but what exactly I don't know. It can be quite messy experimenting with these things, but perhaps pva mixed with plaster?

-I shall also add eyelids and better the nostrils.

-A possibility I didn't explore is to use cloth- muslin, I guess, over the wire.

-The wire I used is too thick, so that large "knots" are created when wires are joined.


It's very enjoyable seeing the "personality" emerging from the mask. At what point is the thing finished?: the suggestive roughness of the mask in its current state is evocative.

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