Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some trees, Itacorubi; ideas for the days ahead

Some trees, Itacorubi, oil on card, 11 x 11.7 cm

Here are some of painting ideas for the days to come:

1. Barra de Lagoa, the bridge or the boats
2. Still life of boxes, cds and other bright objects
3. Estreito: more views of buildings there
4. Path in the woods (park, Corrego grande)
5. Some of the buildings in the centre of Florianopolis, especially the old bus station
6. Favela construction in Saco dos Limoes
7. The Hercilio Luz Bridge and the road bridge
8. The cds and books here piled up
9. A coat or a coloured shirt hanging up
10. The heath near Lagoa
11. A self portrait
12. The bed
13. The tyre shop, Itacorubi
14. Florianopolis seen from the continent
15 . Nocturne of the entrance to an apartment block
16. Nocturne depicting a white wall and a streetlamp near here.

I'd like it if the next bunch of paintings were brighter and used more primary or secondary colours, instead of the greys which dominated my palette over the last month.

But of course when one arrives at a place it's very often the case that the idea one had is less interesting than something that catches ones eye: I'll always discard the original idea. if that's the case.

I don't much like being watched when I'm working, so if a location turns out to be busy then I'll often go to a side street or more isolated place. This means that I tend to paint places like Estreito or the centre at the weekend when everything is shut.

And if it rain threatens, then I'll chose a covered area to work from.