Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Mysterious Cat

It's been a poor few days creatively: I've been too tired, mainly from work, to make anything much. So I've been watching films, writing little reviews and congitating.

I don't feel unhappy about this: it's important to "recharge battteries". The difficulty is in knowing when they really need recharging, and when one is simply being lazy. This cat probably knows the difference: cats seem to know everything.


  1. I forget who said this, but we used to apply it to our cat:

    'Sometimes I sits and thinks, but sometimes I just sits.'

    Are you teaching English? I find teaching really takes it out of me creatively (hence the parlous state of my blog). Good resting to you.

  2. The quote is froma Satchel Paige, an American baseball player. Quite witty!

    Yes, teaching seems to deplete me too- it's the psychological aspect, that exhausts, I think.

    I hope you get the chance to revisit your blog soon. The breads are supurb.