Saturday, July 3, 2010

The nosepicker

The nosepicker, ballpen on paper

He's lost in pleasure, indifferent to society and its conventions.

The finger explores ever deeper, squeezing into his nostril. He sensed a bogie on the wall of that fleshy chamber: it irritated, he felt it protrude, provoctive from the nasal wall, an insolent presence. He tried to blow it out- to no avail!

So he inserted his forefinger into the orifice, speedily locating the offending piece of dried snot: now he must concentrate and, focussing all his mental energies, he carefully twists his fingernail round to catch under an edge of the bogie. Then, patiently, as not to tear it and to recover it in one satisfying piece, he levers the bogie from the nasal wall, prising it gently off with an exquiste sensation that is ever so slightly ticklish.

It is the assured performance of a skilled nosepicker: economical, swift, stylish.

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