Sunday, July 11, 2010

A quiet street 2, X-factor

A quiet street 2, oil on card, 6.7 x 13.2 cm

This is the sister painting to that of two days ago, showing the same street but facing the other direction.

To me, this ´picture is less interesting, either because of the excessive use of black paint to mix the greys- which tends to kill the palette- or perhaps the heavier brushwork or perhaps because of some x-factor related to mood, which here is less delicate somehow. The picture was painted from the car because it threatened to rain: this always, obviously, makes one experience the world less keenly.

The notion of an x-factor in making art is one that is critical in distingusing art from craft: a craft object, to me, being one that is capable of being reproduced; while a successful art object contains always the element of surprise and of individual authorship.


I am glad to have worked here on a wide scale: it will be nice to do a series of the quiet roads round here. They have their subtle differences of mood which are charming to relate.


  1. good way, , interesting work speaking about life. i like this way to discover Brazil, thanks

  2. good way, interesting work.
    i like this way to discover Brazil. thanks

  3. Thanks Manuel, I'm down in the South of Brasil, in Santa Catarina.