Sunday, August 8, 2010

Buying work from this site

Most of the pictures on this site are available for purchase.

The small recent pictures (labelled "pochades") are currently priced at 100 Brazillian Reals (57 US $, 43 Euros or 36 UK pounds), and therefore represent excellent value for collectors.

The prices are set low to encourage new buyers and because I believe original art should be accessable to all.


Packing is usually 10 Reals for up to 5 pochades. (5.70 US$, 4.30 Euros, 3.60 UK pounds)

Postage outside Brasil

Fast postal rate is 60 Reals (up to 2 weeks) (34.13 US $, 25, 67 Euros, 21.38 UK pounds)

Cheap and slow is 15 Reals (takes up to a month) (8.53 US$, 6.42 Euros, 5.35 UK pounds)

I reccomend the fast rate of postage. It costs the same to send 5 pictures as it does to send one, so it makes sense to purchase several pictures at the same time.

Postage within Brazil is cheaper, but I do not have the prices to hand.


The total cost of one picture is usually: 100 Brazillian Reals + 10 Reals Packing + 60 Reals postage= 170 Reals ( 96.70 US$, 72.73 Euros, 60.57 UK Pounds) .


In the UK, payment can be by cheque or direct transfer to my UK bank account.

In Brazil, payment can be by cheque or direct transfer to my Brazillian account.

Elsewhere, payment is by SWIFT transfer into a UK account.

Any questions?

Send any enquiries to me at or telephone me on 55 48 3223 0461

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