Monday, August 16, 2010

From Here to Eternity (1953): review- 6.5/10

It's the eve of the bombing of Pearl Harbour...!

Mysteriously, Montgomery Clift, a wonderful buglar, maintains his enthusiasm for the US army despite being mercilessly bullied for refusing to participate in boxing matches. He meets a girl who is completely unmemorable but falls for her nevertheless.

Simultaneously, Burt Lancaster starts an affair with his Commanding Officer's wife. Given what a grumpy cow she is and quite how surly he is, the source of their passion is unclear but they roll about in the sea in long swimming trunks while the waves wash over them anyway.

Frank Sinatra wonders about buffoonishly, usually drunk. What he's doing as a private soldier in Hawaii is anyone's guess.

Messy, inconclusive film which tries to say something profound about masculinity and service but which fails- entertainingly enough, it might be said.

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