Monday, August 30, 2010

Morning,11am, Riverbank

Morning, 11am, Riverbank, oil on card, 7.9 x 10 cm

Painted among the reeds. I will not do more from this location for a while as I fear repetition, except for one last wider view of the roadbridge and the creek.

In the morning herons gather here in their beautiful white plumage, breakfasting in low tide.


It is lovely to be working in this way, in the "footsteps of giants"; muddy common sense painters like Constable, Ruisdael. Much is made of the importance of artists as radicals, innovators and revolutionaries. But few artists truly posess the nous for originality, so it would surely be better if more emphasis were placed on artists' abilities to follow and celebrate the traditions they are party to.


I came across a blanket among the grasses there, lying on a pile of pages from a promotional fashion catalogue, the faces and bodies of models in mannered poses. To think of those images forming a bed there: something strange and tragic about it: I had broken into another man's privacy.

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