Friday, September 3, 2010

Footbridge near Iguatemi Shopping; paint box and carrying wet pictures

Footbridge near Iguatemi Shopping Centre, oil on card, 9.5 x 11.5cm

This image has something in common with the stark windowframes of yesterday.

I shall return here to try to do more work: I like the starkness.

Florianopolis is an adminstrative and services city and does not provide images of industrialisation: the gasworks, cables, factories, shipyards, railway depots etc which provide such exciting material for painters. Ergo, a plein-air artist working here is always at risk of producing twee work.


This is a cigar box that I've been using over the last couple of days for carrying materials. I usually use a French Easel, which is an elegant folding easel. However it is rather heavy, and therefore restricts the places I can go to work at to locations within about a mile and a half.

This cigar box is good, but does not function as a little table, so I suffer the difficulty of having to find places with benches or convenient walls.

Above is a little folder I'm trying out use for transporting the pictures. I shall re make it with sturdier cardboard.

These experiments will inform my painting journey in Italy and Malta.

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