Sunday, December 26, 2010

Annual Review: Flickr, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Deviant Art, Saachi online

The ruins of  consciousness, oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm


There are 454 contacts on Flickr, from 380 a year ago. This remains the best showcase for work, having the  most elegant and easy to use system for downloads. Each picture is shown in 10 groups, which help enormously in showing work to people. The quality of other peoples' artwork on Flickr seems higher than the other image hosting sites.


There are 43 Followers: this time last year there were 8, a notable increase. The indexing system in place has improved my site considerably, making it much easier to use. The addition of film reviews widens the scope of the blog: initially I had reservations about including film reviews, fearing that the blog would thereby lose its focus.

However, I judged that the reviews are a focus for creative ideas and values, and as such have a relevance to my own artmaking, and that, in any case I had already included things on the blog that weren't directly related to my own art.

I tend to think a catholic approach to blogs is better, making them more enjoyable to follow, so long as they remain reasonably consistant.


There are now 51 followers on Twitter from 42 a year ago. I posted links fairly regularly here until about 6 months ago, when I more or less stopped: Twitter did not appear to bring increased traffic, and I find it an annoying site to use.


I began posting paintings on Facebook at the end of March. This is useful as it connects me to my friends and to their friends and so on. I have sold paintings through picture files on Facebook.

Deviant Art

I began posting work here again, though I dislike this site, with it's silly teenargot nomenclature and messy layout. There are now 10 followers. I have showed work in some online groups there.

Saachi online

I began posting work here. I have made 3 contacts since joining in mid- September. There do not appear to be online "groups" within Saaachi online in which to display work. The quality of artwork displayed by other artists is often on Saaachi is shockingly poor.


Of the sites about the best ones remain Flickr, Blogger and Facebook. I shall continue with the others for the time being.


I have been steadily working on small landscapes since February 2010, after a period of quite wide ranging experimentation. There are about 230 of these "postcards". There is a balance to be struck by between following an accepted format, and gaining from the benefits that acrue from exploring a given aesthetic language and becoming overfamiliar with a format.

Boredom is the enemy of art, and it remains to be seen how long I can continue working in Florianopolis on such paintings without becoming tired of it. At such a point it is essential to change artistic course without shame.

Travel is inspirating, and I wish to spend less time in Florianopolis, which is a very limited place, and more in other parts of Brasil and abroad. I will shortly visit the mountains and Rio Grande de Sul, and spend a month in the UK in July. Money -or rather the lack of it- is really what prevents me from travelling more, as I have few responsibilities, no pets, property, houseplants or lovers. I am trying to earn more money teaching and selling paintings: if you like the work here, it is mostly for sale, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am also looking for models to sit for portraits, so if you can help, please let me know.


Having no live audience- something I miss from the London River Writers' group and Decongested forums, as well as literary friends there- storywriting has taken a back seat since coming to Brasil. I shall continue to write occasionally, however: there are ideas that can only really be explored in fiction, and I enjoy the interaction of stories and pictures very much



Happy New Year to you all.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback, bought art, gave encouragement and ideas.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.


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