Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paraguay / Paraguayan, Venezuela / Venezuelan, Argentina / Argentinian: doodles


Three Wise Men

Doodles made in a beginner's English class, details above

While I am doing them I sometimes have the idea of working them up into huge, insane paintings. But to do that would be to miss the point entirely, because the very essence of the doodle is its incidental nature, they way its scratchy amateurishness leads one into the crevasses of a bored mind.

Alfred Kubin and Odilon Redon managed to bridge this gap between doodles (semi-conscious meandering) and finished large scale art piece, but I cannot, either because of some inner rigidity, or because I am not insane enough.

For me, therefore, the doodle must remain an end in itself.

And I cannot sit down and decide to make doodles, as I would a painting- they seem necessarily to be a semi-conscious, nervous response to tedium. It's the tedium (usually of giving English lessons, in the case above teaching the ajectives referring to Latin American states) that lend them the qualities that, at best, animate them.

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