Saturday, January 15, 2011

54 (1998): review: 5.5/10

A pretty young man, of low social origins, from New Jersey, seeks self advancement as a bartender in Studio 54, a fashionable New York discoteque in the late seventies.

The film attempts to combine a themes of juvenile ambition, friendship, and love with a biography of one of the disco's founders, Steve Rubell, and a history of the rise and fall of that disco.

Structurally the film holds: sadly, however, the dialogue and the ideas in the film are hackneyed: none of the characters seem possessed of an interior life of any interest, and their ambitions are banal.

I suspect also that the director lacked a clear moral position on the events depicted- it being quite unclear whether or not he wishes to celebrate hedonism, superficiality, tax evasion, drugtaking and licentious sex.

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