Monday, January 24, 2011

I Love You, Man (2009): review: 7/10

Recently engaged in LA, our hero lacks a best friend to be his best man: he meets several contenders and forges an unlikely but strong bond with Sydney Fife.

The film is a celebration of male friendship, male companionship, of drinking, Rush and hanging out. These elements of the film, driven by strong acting, are its best parts.

However, it starts badly, trying too hard to be funny with the "gross out" comedy that has become such a staple of Hollywood films. Then it settles into making some cringworthy points about the insincerities demanded of masculine friendship code. Fifteeen minutes later the script calms down a bit, but desperate comedic effort continue to belabour the film.

It is as if the film-makers are ashamed of being sincere- ironically, given that much of the film is about sincerity in the first place, so a film that could happily rival Sideways*, fails to.

Nonetheless, it is hard not to enjoy it.

*There is indeed a similar big man - small man friendship

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