Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mayor of the Sunset Strip (2003): review: 4/10

Rodney Bingenheimer is a "sort of somebody" in LA, known to many stars, including David Bowie, Cher and Courtney Love.

The films interviews these people, Mr Bingenheimer's family, and Mr Bingenheimer himself, whose principle accomplishments seems to be playing records, running a bar, collecting autographs and meeting these celebrities.

He is a diminutive fellow, melancholy and tired- the films traces his interest in celebrities to his childhood abandonment by his mother.

The film suceeds in describing an LA of mindless celebrity idolatory and sad superficial relationships.

The film is overlong by half an hour. I suspect Bingenheimer seemed to offer more potential interest when the filmemakers were researching the film than transpired during its filming.

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