Monday, January 3, 2011

The television in room 202 at the Rex Hotel, Pelotas, New Year's Eve, 2010

The television, Rm 202 at the Rex Hotel, Pelotas, New Year's Eve, 2010, oil/ card, 7.4 x 9.5 cm

I do not reccomend this hotel, which is filthy and run by some extremely surly women. They told me that they do not serve breakfast on New Year's  day because it is a holiday. The rooms themselves are pretty awful, shabbily decorated and with work out furnishings. On New Year's Eve I spend a good hour killing mosquitos and trying to ignore the racket coming from downstairs (karaoke) or adjacent rooms.

As for painting: I did little on this trip. It seemed better to spend my time taking photos. I'll probably do more in the country, later this week, because I'll be moving about much less and therefore in a better frame of mind to paint. If my surroundings are too unfamiliar, painting isn't easy; contrawise, if they are too familiar, a sort of visual boredom ensues and it's impossible to feel any inspiration.

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