Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Symphony in grey: condominium; a new series; Whistler and music

Symphony in grey: condominium, oil on card, 11 x 15.3cm SOLD

This is a more elaborate version of the type, with quite complex poured concrete forms. It is on Madre Benevenuto, in Trindade.  As yet it is unoccupied, but I can't imagine it being more colourful when it is.

This is the first of a Whistlerian series of ten, all standard postcard size.


I found it amusing to read this about Whistler:

"Whistler used musical terms in his paintings' titles: symphonies, arrangements, harmonies, nocturnes. According to his friend and fellow artist Mortimer Menpes, however, Whistler "had no sense of music, absolutely none." Whistler himself stated that "it is an accident that I happened upon terms used in music." He was, though, familiar with philosophical arguments maintaining that music was the highest art form, since it escaped the concrete imagery produced by language. By appropriating music, Whistler suggested that the people, places, and things in his paintings were unimportant accidents. The only part that really mattered was the effectiveness with which he organized color and line into a harmonious and therefore beautiful whole."

This is a quotation from some concert programme notes written by Kenneth Myers, and published on the Smithsonian's website: http://www.asia.si.edu/podcasts/related/jokubaviciute/progNotes.asp

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