Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wall of a sports club with water tower and spotlights behind; The School of Paris

Wall of a sports club with water tower and spotlights behind, oil on card, 13 x 9.2 cm

Today's painting tries to do something with dry oil paint for texture: when I see crumbly oil paint I think of Utrillo, that almost forgotten School of Paris painter.
I wonder how the School of Paris painters will be judged in generations to come- my feeling is that they will be judged rather harshly. I suggest this because I fear they will be regarded as mere picture-makers: criticised for not tackling more dramatic subject matter; for a parochialism, indeed.
My feeling is that modern tastes demand the extreme, the perverse, the discomfiting, and that the so-long fruitful dialogue between painting and furnishing- which underpins much School of Paris work, is even despised..


I shall be going to Curitiba this weekend- I hope for good weather. There are often good exhibitions there.


  1. there's no better subject for me.
    you are on the right way, i feel the joy and great feelings differents , painting there. that's well.

  2. Many thanks Manuel: I feel quite confident about how thigs are going too.