Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Guardians of the Moth- in conference.

They meet at night, in whispers conferring. What are they planning? No wickedness I trust...

Different media allow such different responses in artists- Picasso is perhaps the best example for this- the Picasso of cereamics being a different personality from the Picasso of paint.

Myself, I find that paper cutout, which only really allows mimetic effects through silhouettes, forces a degree of abstraction on me. And the cutting process, so absolute, allows no equivocation: oil paint by contrast can endlessly, hopelessly ponderous.

With cutout, I find myself more engaged with humour and storytelling, and drawn into communion with artists such as Richard Dadd, or Henry Darger and (less nutty) Maurice Sendak. There are some imaginative forces that are only ever released in play, and using a medium like paper cutout which has relatively little historical weight, allows me to play more freely. And the cutouts can be moved about like dolls to make different scentarios. This is, of course, delightful.

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