Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dont Say a Word (2001): review: 2.5/10

A psychiatrist lives in a large apartment in New York with a small girl and a woman with a broken leg which is in plaster. The other leg is bare. She lies on the beg and he gives her bare leg a sponge bath, presumably as a prelude to some sort of sexual activity. The bare leg is nice to see and, happily, features a lot in the film.

The small girl likes to play hiding games. But one day the shrink cannot find the girl: this is because she has been kidnapped as part of a complex scheme run by an unpleasant but cleverly calculating cold-hearted Englishman (probably from Yorkshire): his goal is to obtain detail of how to find a big ruby from a patient at the psychiatrist's hospital and to get the pyschiatrist to extract the information from the patient.The Englishman uses bad language and is threatening and even violent. He seems to be able to watch people all the time His coherts are unloveable too. Luckily one of the characters is a female police officer with beautiful long hair. She is very efficient. Eventually she will catch up with the baddies in a graveyard at night!

It starts off promisingly, but the plot is too convoluted and the characters not well fleshed out enough to garmer sympathy: it goes on forever

None of the acting is quite convincing- Murphy is totally out of her depth and, like everyone else, is just trying too hard. Douglas goes about being gruffly self assured and husky- as ever. The sound score is unsubtle.  The film requires more humour.

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