Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rob Roy (1995): review: 7/10

Rob Roy lives in a little house with his wifie Mary and three children, much like any regular suburban couple. His hair is unkempt and somewhat greasy and he is very down to earth and a super with a claymore. Though he's a fighter he's a sensitive guy too and loves his children and has a new-man style relationship with Mary, the red-headed wifie.

He also has capitalistic leanings and so he borrows some money from a local lord to make a cattle deal, but sadly this money is stolen by a vicious, camp wig-wearer (who, despite his sword-fighting abilities turns out to be a really bad egg,: if not bisexual, certainly effeminate with highly dubious taste for wigs and lilac, a rapist, and a liar and and Englishman), who is quite nasty like all the nobs except for the guy from whom he borrowed the money for the cows who is merely supid.

Anyway, after this robbery, and appalled by the general skulduggery around him, Rob turns into a rebel. The film ends with an excellent swordfight.

A poker-faced swashbuckler, the film takes itself rather seriously. The camp fellow does not quite provide light relief tha a good villian should , being wicked in ways which are too vile for amusement and though well made, one does wonder who the film really is for.

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