Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some paintings from London: tourist painting

The Houses of Parliament, Westminster, oil on card, about 10 x 12 cm

Saint Paul's, London, oil on card, about 10 x 12 cm

Tower Bridge, London, oil on card, about 12 x 10 cm

Three paintings done in London, which satistisfy the definition of "tourist painting" to me, in that they are very much set-piece views, immediately recognisable. I don't mean the term pejoratively

It is excellent to work from the south side of the Thames. As one goes east the tourists thin out, and it's easy enough to find a peaceful spot. The north side of the river is almost a showcase of London history, with views of the Tower, St Pauls, Parliament and so forth. 

I worried that because these scenes are so well known it would be hard for me to find my own angle, and that the paintings would become twee, and had speculated that it might be better to oncentrate on more obscure, perhaps more readily "personalisable" views in the suburbs (some of which I shall post tomorrow).

However, I feel that I have managed- what matters, as ever in painting, is to be attentive to what really is there, as oposed to what one supposes should be there. And the skies of London are extraordinary for the capacity to change mood rapidly- a vital subject in itself.

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