Saturday, July 30, 2011

Three Scottish still lives

Still life with the black cat, oil on card, about 10 x 9 cm

Still life with yellow flowers, oil on card, about 10 x 9 cm

Still life with red flowers and the Chinese rider, oil on card, about 10 x 9 cm

These pictures were painted in Aberdeen: it was too cold to go outside.

I've tried to paint still lives in Brasil but they don't work out- the sort of introverted "gothic" still life, with it's Redonesque aspects is so much a product of an introversion, sometimes an unhappiness, that seems particular to cold Northern Europe. There seems something very peculiar about staying in to paint cut flowers when the sun outside is so welcoming, and there are flowers covering the hillsides!

The third photo in particular leaves something to be desired: I have left these paintings in the UK in Scotland and was unable to properly check their quality before leaving (I was also foolish enough not to record their sizes so the sizes given are approxomate). But such shiny dark painted surfaces are always hard to capture well.

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