Friday, September 9, 2011

Rio: The Ibis Hotel room nocturne; painting nocturnes

Rio: Ibis Hotel room nocturne, oil on card, 12.3 x 9cm

The view from the hotel is of some administrative buildings.

To paint these things you nee to find a way of  getting light on your support without losing your ability to see the thing in front of you. But this is surprisingly difficult, because when you illuminate the support, your motif will often fade out. I think I shall try to get one of those little reading lights that they advertise in magazines, usually with images of elderly couples in a double bed, one asleep, the other deep in George Eliot. That might be ideal: they have a little clip so you can attach them onto your book, or in my case, picture.


Photographing these nocturnes is very hard, there are almost always reflections in one place or other.

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