Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Putting on a little show

Many thanks to Adriana and Jorge for help.


For reasons which completely escape me, everything here has to be done last minute, as if it's a personal favour. This means that to achieve anything here oiliness or  pseudo-friendliness is a necessary quality.


Looking over the work itself, it strikes me that the paintings are actually much more difficult than I had imagined. I mean, they are harder to understand: they are less easy and open in sentiment than I had thought when painting them. I don't, honestly, think many people will like them but I am not sure that matters.

There is also a fair degree of variation: this is good.

It annoys me that the paper on which I set the paintings isn't perfectly flat: it's made of several paices joined together: in the future I'll use a painted board.

I haven't included any information about the pictures other than the titles. I used to do that, but this time I thought, what the hell, let them find out for themselves.

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