Monday, March 5, 2012

Back from a painting trip to London, Edinburgh and Tunisia: London: a selection


The Tower, oil on card, 14.5 / 9.5 cm  NOT FOR SALE

Well, I am back, and it is tremendously hot here. I've been to Tunisia and Edinburgh. These visits were bookended by London, and instead of posting absolutely chronologically, I´ll post according to place categories: its just easier to make sense of a broken up painting trip.


A view near Earls Court, oil on card, 10 x 10 cm

I stayed in Kensington and most of the pictures are from my wanderings in Kensington and its fringes: up near Kensal Rise and across to Shepherds Bush. 

The days varied, sometimes with that incredibly crisp winter light you get in London, to days of unrelenting grey: both have their charm. 

Holy Trinity, Brompton, oil on card, 12 / 10 cm

An old pub, the North end of Ladbroke Grove, oil on card, 12 / 14 cm  NOT FOR SALE

Kensington Gardens, Winter, oil on card, 14 / 13 cm   SOLD

 A house in Kensington, oil on card, 12 / 10.5 cm  NOT FOR SALE

Warehouses serving a shopping mall, Shepherds Bush, oil on card, 8 / 10 cm  SOLD

Ladbroke Grove, looking North, oil on card, 13.5 / 10.5 cm  NOT FOR SALE

I generally feel that the fringes of a place offer the key to understanding the centres: life is less regimented, there are more spaces, things have gone wrong, the clock shows its mechanisms.


The London trip ended with a show of pictures at Matthew Cushen's beautiful apartment overlooking the river: thanks to him, and to Lise and Chris for hosting me, and making my time in London so pleasant.



  1. Wow these were very well done! I especially enjoy "The Tower", "Kensington Gardens, Winter", "Kensington Gardens" "Ladbroke Grove, looking North". Very nice indeed!

  2. Thanks Carmen: I love painting in London, though the city is so large that one could never do it justice.