Monday, April 2, 2012


I had a delightful idea, to lift me from the torpor which is Brasil- go to Rome!

I often think of places to go, but none has lent me that instantaneous sense of delight that I need to get organised.

Perhaps I can fly there, visit some other cities too, Naples again, and the Amalfi coast, even cross to the Adriatic side and see Lecce.

I was in Rome less than a year ago, but not for long enough, and felt my work there was not as good as it should have been. But I also I felt that delerium that one feels on encountering a beautiful person too briefly.

But when I say in the car today, a devil visited me, and whispered to my torpor, telling me how the second meetings are too laden with expectations and invariably issue disappointment.

Oh go back to hell where you belong!


  1. I each day gives us new perceptions. I do hope your return trip to Rome will be more rewarding for you. In the least you will gain new experiences.

  2. It won't be until late September: it feels somehow necessary.

    Happy Easter!