Friday, May 18, 2012

Carriers for Chile


The title of this entry suggests a charity campaign but actually it's about my new, larger carriers for painting pochades in Chile.

 I'll be working on a wider range of scales on this trip from  about 18 / 21 cm downwards. Generally speaking the bigger pictures haven't worked out as well as the smaller for me because of something to do with the something related to concentration and speed, or perhaps merely how I have become accustomed to working.


  1. Hi Tadeusz,

    For my own practice, format is only training. If you have 1 hour, you can do a one hour painting, from a postcard to a poster. According to my experience, what is harder in bigger formats is the fear to waste material. For postcards, I can have 4 takes of the same subject and drop 3, I can't do it in A0, even if it should needed to find the right balance.

    1. Thanks Patte,

      I hate wasting materials too. Also, there is a storage issue with larger formats.