Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Copacabana, early afternoon, oil on card, 12 / 14 cm

  Botafogo, late afternoon, oil on card, 13 / 8.5 cm

 Lapa, oil on card, 10.5 / 14 cm

From S. Teresa, oil on card, 11 / 15.5 cm

Here are some more pictures from Rio, where I spent the weekend.

It's really a spectacular place, with a very vibrant personality, and incredible views. It would be an ideal painting city were there better publicly accessible spaces high up, and if crime weren't a concern.

Rio is often very improvised and even downright sketchy: the other side of this is that it maintains a definite personality, it isn't groomed to the point of sterility for tourists like Paris, say. The people retain  their personality, which is ironical, good-natured, somewhat amoral, sensual.

I like the sense of Brazil as a place still being constructed, still being invented, and doing so in a way that emphasises a open-mindedness and gaiety.

I painted mainly what I call "tourist pictures", though I don't mean that in a derisory way. I mean, I visited fairly obvious sights.


  1. Hi Tadeusz,

    Paris is not only groomed for the tourists, Paris is simply full like an egg inside its fortifications for centuries, and so expensive that the creativity of poverty do not live anymore inside, even in the last places of 80' like Barbès.

  2. Hi Patte,

    This is rather a pity for a city that germinated so much fantastic art...