Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guarulhos, travel

Nocturne: Guarulhos airport, May, oil on card, 12 / 9.3 cm

Well, this above is the last of from the Chilean trip. The next trips are within Brazil, to Ribeirão Preto in the interior of Sao Paolo state, and to Recife, in the north-east.

In late September comes a three week stint in Italy: Rome, Orvieto, perhaps Puglia and Lucca.

Beyond that I am not sure. Chile has inspired me to visit more of Latin America, specifically Bolivia and Peru, but the Summer months (Novemeber to February) are wet then.

Ergo, I might find myself returning to Montevideo, and looking around Uruguay and Argentina. The main thing is to go somewhere which is sufficiently different from here for me to experience a "jolt", which means, principally, somewhere that isn't tropical.

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