Sunday, July 15, 2012

A drive to Itapiranga

Rows of houses, Itupiranga, oil on card, 16 /16 cm  SOLD

The small towns here offer, I think, a very pleasant lifestyle for those with limited ambitions- the climate is sometimes cold, but never really inhospitable. The landscape is truly idyllic. The people are friendly and and their towns are probably quite safe: children play and ride their bikes in the streets, the air is clean, and you don't see the grotesque poverty that dogs much of the rest of Brazil.

I think this set is strong- varied and purposeful. The first is a little conventional perhaps, but not so much so as to be dull. Most of the time one produces work that is mediocre, necessarily so, perhaps- so is important to take satisfaction when one does occasionally get the ball over the net.

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