Friday, August 24, 2012

Pochade carriers for Italy

A stack of carriers

 Open carrier


I am slowly preparing for September's trip to Italy, with a new run of carriers. These are deeper and larger than previous carriers. 

They are unpainted. I like the utilitarian brown, which I think contrasts happily with the contents. But, of course that means they are not so well protected against moisture. Perhaps I can varnish them.

This sort of craft work is therapeutic and makes for a pleasant escape from the sort of intellectual work I normally do.


  1. Do you paint inside them, or take the pochade out? Looks like plenty of them are going to go with you. Nice.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      I keep the pochade inside the carrier until the paint is dry. The galleries like the carriers so I use them to present the pictures too.

      There's been some discussion about whther the carriers can be made a little more elegant, or if this is indeed even a good idea, as perhaps their rusticity is a valuable quality in itself.

      All the best,