Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Praia Mole, late October

Praia Mole, late October, oil on card, 17 / 15.5 cm

Dense and balmy: maybe the painting is too insistent, I am not sure.

Sometimes the pictures come over in photos in ways that flatter them, this time it isnt the case, the colours are more greenishly delicate, but I cannot easily reproduce that for some reason linked to the limitations of the camera. One of the morals of that is, of course, that art lovers should always be wary of judging pictures from reproductions: the point is obvious,but often, I sense, forgotten by participants in seminars and those writing about art.

I like to sit by the sea, I feel free and expanded. I like how the sea is different in different places, and it so often has a restful effect even if it is, for me,  a vast melancholy element.