Sunday, November 25, 2012

Framed pochades



A model posing as a Cezanne

The sea: Praia Mole

Small Pines

The Dunes

Framed pochade

Heath, near Praia Mocambique, oil on card, 13 x 13 cm 2012   SOLD


Small paintings can be especially effective if hung in clusters: The National Gallery, London has a fine room featuring small Danish, French and German nineteenth century painting.

As will be apparent from the reflections, some of the pictures are glazed. It's unusual to glaze oil paintings but it was thought wise as a protective measure in these cases.

The Dunes was framed so that there is a physical space between it and its box frame: an effect good for contemporary styled locations. An elaborate, gilt framing might, contrariwise, emphasise the 19th century stylistic roots of my work, and suit a more traditionally decorated hanging space.

So the frames we use can emphasise one quality or other of the picture, including interprative elements, and allow it to work more or less sympathetically within a space.


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