Friday, November 16, 2012

Urubici: four recent paintings


Urubici, boys playing football, oil on card, 14 / 14 cm

Urubici, ploughed field, oil on card, 12 / 13 cm

I spent the last two days in Urubici, in the mountains. I painted eight pictures, I'll show the rest tomorrow.

Something I like about Urubici is the fact that it has a street life, with children playing football or in groups conversing. I like the people who seem unpretentious and industrious, and are a relief form the people of the island who are rather fond of themselves.I also love the smell of woodsmoke drifting down the town's solitary high street, and I love the towns mysterious setting among woods and surrounded by mountains.

And as a painter Urubici is great for having an especially sharp clear light: you occasionally get that in Florianopolis but it's much less common. 

I guess these are the most German Expressionist influenced pictures I've done for a while. I'm playaing about with new methods: working more quickly, but also discarding more, the idea being to mainting a sense of energy within each picture.



  1. It's cool to see how many you painted in just 2 days. It takes me about a week to finish a painting.

    1. Cheers Chunbum: my pictures are, of course, very small! But I find, when I go to a new place, often I get a great surge of energy that carries me along.