Sunday, March 17, 2013

Session 20, 6pm, Beiramar Avenue

 Beiramar XXIII, Session 20, 6pm, oil on card, 14.5 x 13 cm

The penultimate session- the series has been great fun to pursue, helped by the great variety of weather that Florianopolis has had over the last two weeks.

I`ve used the 12x12x12 presentation as an opportunity to adopt a faster style of working, where instead of doing one picture in a session, one does many, then chooses the best, thus allowing one to maintain freshness while permitting me to transfer intelligence found in earlier paintings into latter.


  1. Oh My goodness these two are seriously strikingly beautiful! It seems a dance of dense light and dark tones with luscious peaks of vibrancy at play...I can almost feel them moving.

    1. This series has come to an end now: thanks for your encouragement Carmen!

      I must now think of some other project to pursue.


  2. Tadeusz! How much does it cost?
    I am the artist and I collect other artists.
    William, Russia

    1. Hi William, It`s 185 US $ plus 30 US$ post and packing. They take up to three weeks to arrive. All the pochades on this site are this price.

      If you want to see further photos of the picture please et me know your email and I`ll send some.

      All the best,