Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back from Morocco.

I am back in Brazil after almost six weeks of travel, mainly in Morocco, but also with some days in the UK.

The Moroccan part consisted of week long stays in Marrakesh, Ouarazazate, Taroudant, and Sidi Ifni, with the following results:

Morocco:the complete set

The complete set again, in perspective

Marrakesh, a brickyard, in its carrier.

The pictures are transported in carriers, above. There are very few pictures which were at all damaged. I`ve worked steadily to improve them, making them deeper so that the picture surfaces aren`t marred when closing. And I standardised their sizes so that they are easier to pack and take up less space, even though the pictures are on average about 20% larger than on previous trips.        

One of the advantages of staying longer in each place on a trip is that the surfaces of paintings have time to dry before the carriers are closed. I`ve thought of using acrylics, which takes much less time to dry than oil, but have always found it to be an ugly paint, lacking in depth of colour.

I shall post the pictures according to place over the next week, in five posts.

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