Friday, April 25, 2014

Santo Antônio de Lisboa, April, 2014; Bolivia

Santo Antônio de Lisboa, April, 2014, oil on card, 15.5 x 17 cm

This time of year, Autumn can be great for painting here. It isn`t so damn hot, and there is often a fine, silvery and somewhat melancholy light, both clear and subtle.

I`ve paintied from virtually exactly this spot before. I like revisiting places and seeing how they have changed, and comparing my reactions with before.


I`ve booked flights to Bolivia- or rather, Campo Grande, from where I get a bus to the border. I`ll be there for just under a month, in July. I`d rather have flown direct to La Paz, but the air fares to there were extortionate. 

I have still to figure out my Bolivian itinerary. The lesson of previous trips is that one should not try to see everything, and that for painting it`s wiser to stay in fewer places, and get to know them, then spend one`s time rushing about just ti tick sights off a list.


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